Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Right Out of the Oven

Dilly Bread.  For the curious, yes, there are dill seeds in it, and onion, and a secret ingredient.  Okay, that's enough arm-twisting.  The secret ingredient is cottage cheese.  But you can't taste it.  Or at least I can't.

My mom is having it right now on a cold plate of baked ham, cheese, olives and apples.  That's her supper.  I'm having it right now with butter globbed on it.  That's my supper.

Wow, is this tasty!  And I understand it's better the next day but it may not last that long around here.  (Kidding!  This is a big loaf.)  I can already imagine it as toast and as a terrific sandwich bread.

I'll have this at Saturday's Farmers Market.  It's too good to pass up.

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