Wednesday, June 29, 2011

for Kay

My (also) wonderful friend Kay is summering in northern Michigan.  (What charmed lives others lead -- trips to Africa, cool-weather resort vacations -- even my sister is going to Marin County in a couple of weeks!  Me?  Well, all Monday morning was spent at the doctor's office with my mom, and Tuesday we had a big storm that caused a serious electrical brown-out here at the house and the co-op told me to throw circuit breakers and unplug all the appliances until they could take care of it, which took about two hours and nonetheless caused our HVAC to burn out a contact switch of some sort, so yesterday afternoon as the indoor temperature approached 80 degrees our repairman -- also wonderful, by the way -- came and replaced it, and Thursday Mother's having a transfusion so there goes a baking day.  I won't go on; I promised not to get all personal on this blog.)

Kay has long been an inspiration to me.  She got me back into knitting, and got me into spinning, and we have spent many many hours reveling in one another's company.  Kay has been following my summer project here and has been nothing but supportive and encouraging and helpful, and she wants some cookies.  And some rosemary knots.  And  some Dilly Bread.  And an apron.  (Is that everything, Kay?  Did I get it all down?)  She suggested once that I include photographs on the blog of works in progress.  I have to some degree taken that suggestion to heart, but you may have noticed that I'm not a very skilled photographer, or food stylist.  Pioneer Woman I am not, nor do I pretend to be.  (My daddy wasn't an orthopedic surgeon, and our family doesn't rank among the top 100 largest land owners in the U.S.)  Experiments of a Farmer's Daughter is not actually a food blog, per se, either.  Though I do covet the Drummond kitchen. . . .


Here, Kay, is evidence that your Espresso Pixies are shortly on their way and you should have them before the Fourth (I hope to ship out this afternoon).  Also in this package are the molasses spice cookies and a little extra surprise.  I love you!

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  1. Debra,
    I can hardly wait. Fingers crossed that they make it for the Fourth! I want to share the Akiddledivy wealth with my Mich. friends.
    Love you, girl.