Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review and reassess

The Kennett Community Farmers Market has migrated to the west side of the square.  The motive for that was that we thought we might avail ourselves of morning shade cast by the courthouse.  Somehow the sun found us anyway and it was, once again, a hot morning.  And here I'd worried about rain.  Yesterday we had six vendors (including me), which I think was pretty good.  One fellow came late pulling a flatbed trailer loaded with corn -- wow!  And he drew a lot of attention.  So we had pretty good traffic, too, but we were doing all right before he got there.

"Pretty good" twice in one paragraph?  My skill at articulation is apparently not at its optimum presently.

I finished up the zukes from Grover (which I had shredded and refrigerated earlier) by making two more batches of zucchini bread, baked 8 loaves of the savory herbed bread, 6 of the honey oat, and 4 of the dilly bread.  All of that excepting one of the herbed bread sold.  I had 16 dozen cookies -- snickerdoodles, hermits, Toll House and banana nut -- and almost all of them went, too.  And even though the powdered sugar dusted on the top of the fresh apple cakes kind of melted as the cakes warmed up out in the sun, no one cared and they all sold out.  It's interesting -- I'm trying to keep my wares changing from week to week, but when I don't bring some item I'd had previously, inevitably I'll have a customer ask for it.  And that's great -- I'm not complaining!  So next Saturday I'll be sure to have STBO bread again, and the applesauce cake mix, and scones, and molasses spice cookies.  I may have to set up a "By Special Request" corner.

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