Friday, June 3, 2011

Li'l' D's long-promised cookies and so on

I have a long-ago sweetie who presently makes his digs in Florida.  Earlier this year I baked and sent him some cookies, and some time back I promised more, but the whatevers have gotten in my way.  I finally got these baked up for him last night:

They're called Espresso Pixies, and here's kind of why:  they contain crushed espresso beans and they're like little brownies; in the fairy world, apparently pixies are mini-brownies.  Very chocolate-intensive and about the same diameter as an Oreo (but pudgier), Espresso Pixies are also loaded with walnut pieces.  These cookies essentially have the same chewy-with-a-crust texture as brownies and are seriously addictive, but beware the coffee beans!  The first time I baked these, I quickly ate more than I should have and got a caffeine buzz.  I'll be offering Espresso Pixies by the dozen at Farmers Market in future weeks.

And these are Rosemary Knots -- bite-sized to eat with cheese and fruit.  Like breadsticks, they're sort of hard on the outside but soft within and are fragrantly laced with rosemary. I'll have a few dozen of them at FM tomorrow morning.

More Savory Herbed Loaves, STBO Bread, and scones (I'm thinking lemon apricot this time, along with more orange cranberry) will be available tomorrow, as well as snackbreads, Granola-to-Go Bars, and some of the other items I've had in the past weeks.  I'll also be bringing a few small jars of baby carrots in a sweet balsamic vinegar with crushed red peppercorns (sooo good!) and some apricot honey.  And this time I plan to have a tasting table so a selection of these goodies can be sampled.

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