Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have some wonderful friends who have a daughter who is in the Peace Corps.  I'm so admiring.  She's in Zambia.  They're going to visit her next week!

Her mom, Libby, comes by my bread stand just about every Saturday and is a loyal platinum-level shopper (that means she buys generously).  She's usually sort of late and on occasion, by the time she shows up, I've run out of what she wanted.  But she just gets something else instead.  (Platinum.)  On Fathers Day weekend I introduced the Suds beer shampoo at the FM.  I told Libby that beer is a great hair conditioner.  She said her hair didn't need conditioner (lucky lucky woman).  But she bought some Suds anyway.  (Like I said, platinum.)

That was two Saturdays ago.  Last Saturday when Libby came she told me she really liked the shampoo and she's been trying to tell people how much she likes it.  So that was neat.  But it gets better:  she bought another bottle to take to Blair, the altruistic -- and I mean that in a GOOD way -- daughter.  And she had seen my earlier Bagatelle post.  I hadn't brought any of the bags to market last Saturday because I was still tweaking the pattern, but I said, "Libby, you need one of those bags."  She said she was the ultimate bag lady and had more than enough bags, so I said, "Well, then, Blair needs one."  (I'm such a subtle saleswoman.)  And she agreed!  Now I have a bag all finished and ready and set aside for Libby to pick up come Saturday.

So my Suds shampoo, and my Bagatelle market bag, are headed across the pond next week!  Akiddledidivy's gone international!

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